• Atmospheric CO2 /Parts per Million /Annual Averages /Data Source: noaa.gov

  • 1980338.91ppm

  • 1981340.11ppm

  • 1982340.86ppm

  • 1983342.53ppm

  • 1984344.07ppm

  • 1985345.54ppm

  • 1986346.97ppm

  • 1987348.68ppm

  • 1988351.16ppm

  • 1989352.78ppm

  • 1990354.05ppm

  • 1991355.39ppm

  • 1992356.1ppm

  • 1993356.83ppm

  • 1994358.33ppm

  • 1995360.18ppm

  • 1996361.93ppm

  • 1997363.04ppm

  • 1998365.7ppm

  • 1999367.8ppm

  • 2000368.97ppm

  • 2001370.57ppm

  • 2002372.59ppm

  • 2003375.14ppm

  • 2004376.96ppm

  • 2005378.97ppm

  • 2006381.13ppm

  • 2007382.9ppm

  • 2008385.01ppm

  • 2009386.5ppm

  • 2010388.76ppm

  • 2011390.63ppm

  • 2012392.65ppm

  • 2013395.39ppm

  • 2014397.34ppm

  • 2015399.65ppm

  • 2016403.09ppm

  • 2017405.22ppm

  • 2018407.62ppm

  • 2019410.07ppm

  • 2020412.44ppm

  • 2021414.72ppm

  • 2022418.56ppm

  • 2023421.08ppm

Juliette Portala

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The head of corporate social responsibility at France’s CNP Assurances told NZI he looks to find a balance between scientists and investors

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The country’s markets watchdog has proposed strict new environmental standards for investors

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Revealed: American mid-tier banks’ climate targets lag top counterparts

Less than a fifth of all mid-tier banks in the United States have explicit net-zero targets

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The ESG head at one of Sweden's largest pension funds shows how a portfolio can help markets develop sustainably

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World Bank: After Malpass the ‘climate denier’, Banga the ‘green saviour’?

US President Joe Biden has nominated General Atlantic's vice chairman Ajay Banga to lead the World Bank. Who is he?

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ArcelorMittal faces questions over ‘two-speed decarbonisation’

On its way towards net-zero, the Luxembourg-based multinational is accused of planning to develop ‘green steel’ in Europe, while building new blast furnaces in India

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‘Misleading’ net-zero pledges build misunderstanding of short-term needs

The long-term climate pledges of major global companies are ambiguous and distract from the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions this decade, a new study shows.

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Carina Silberg: ‘We believe in the companies we have selected’

From ‘ethical’ analyst to head of governance and sustainability at one of the largest occupational pension companies in Europe, Carina Silberg discusses what asset owners can expect from the companies in which they invest

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Kari Vatanen: ‘Things are not black and white’

The head of investment strategy at Finnish pension insurer Veritas explains how company engagement, as an integral part of responsible investing, is essential to the net-zero emissions trajectory

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BNP Paribas taken to task over fossil fuel funding reductions

Called out as one of the world’s largest banks backing the fossil fuel industry, BNP Paribas has strengthened its commitment to the low-carbon transition but is still falling short of activist expectations