• Atmospheric CO2 /Parts per Million /Annual Averages /Data Source: noaa.gov

  • 1980338.91ppm

  • 1981340.11ppm

  • 1982340.86ppm

  • 1983342.53ppm

  • 1984344.07ppm

  • 1985345.54ppm

  • 1986346.97ppm

  • 1987348.68ppm

  • 1988351.16ppm

  • 1989352.78ppm

  • 1990354.05ppm

  • 1991355.39ppm

  • 1992356.1ppm

  • 1993356.83ppm

  • 1994358.33ppm

  • 1995360.18ppm

  • 1996361.93ppm

  • 1997363.04ppm

  • 1998365.7ppm

  • 1999367.8ppm

  • 2000368.97ppm

  • 2001370.57ppm

  • 2002372.59ppm

  • 2003375.14ppm

  • 2004376.96ppm

  • 2005378.97ppm

  • 2006381.13ppm

  • 2007382.9ppm

  • 2008385.01ppm

  • 2009386.5ppm

  • 2010388.76ppm

  • 2011390.63ppm

  • 2012392.65ppm

  • 2013395.39ppm

  • 2014397.34ppm

  • 2015399.65ppm

  • 2016403.09ppm

  • 2017405.22ppm

  • 2018407.62ppm

  • 2019410.07ppm

  • 2020412.44ppm

  • 2021414.72ppm

  • 2022418.56ppm

  • 2023421.08ppm

Mona Dohle

News & Views

Carbon credits in the spotlight of SBTi row

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is embroiled in a row over carbon credits, with some staff calling on their CEO to resign

News & Views

2024 proxy season: key energy AGMs to watch out for

What are the key shareholder resolutions at energy firms that climate-conscious investors should be keeping an eye on this proxy season?

News & Views

Should climate engagement be focused on oil companies or governments?

Jason Fletcher, former CIO at London CIV argues that while both shareholder and policy engagement have their merits, investors should not discount the potential impact of engaging with companies

News & Views

Dutch pension industry lobbies coalition talks on climate

Coalition talks in the Netherlands could pose headwinds for the country´s energy transition. Leading representatives of the Dutch pension industry are now urging to make climate a priority

News & Views

Research spotlight: how are major oil and gas firms scoring on transition planning?

Some of the world’s largest listed oil and gas firms have come under fire for insufficiently preparing for the energy transition. Research reveals significant divergence between firms, who are the leaders and laggards?

News & Views

Swiss pension funds face stewardship misalignment challenge

Swiss asset owners find that their stewardship priorities are not always replicated by their managers

News & Views

Timing peak oil: are we heading for a delayed or timely transition?

Analysts are deeply divided when global demand for oil is likely to peak. NZI examines why asset owners are still struggling to manage the uncertainty around the transition timeline

News & Views

Dutch pension giant joins forces with co-operatives to bet on North Sea wind

Europe’s largest pension fund, the Dutch public sector fund ABP plans to open its North Sea energy development Noordzeker to more than 700 energy cooperatives

News & Views

Is the dominance of the magnificent seven bad news for your carbon footprint?

Could US stock market concentration become a stumbling block on the road to net zero?

News & Views

EU firms under pressure to enhance climate transition plans as CSDDD passes

New EU rules could trigger fines for firms with insufficient climate transition plans legal experts warn

News & Views

Shell under fire from investors for banking on delayed transition

Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell has come under fire for dropping its short-term emission reduction targets, campaigners suggests the firm is anticipating a delayed energy transition.

News & Views

NZI Renewable Infrastructure Forum in pictures

Net Zero Investor brough together senior investors for DC, DB, LGPS funds to discuss new strategies to invest in the energy transition

News & Views

Franco-Swiss alliance to scrutinise corporate climate plans ahead of AGM season

Swiss and French investors are casting a critical eye on corporate stewardship reports in a bit to enhance accountability ahead of the 2024 AGM season, Ethos Foundation revealed

News & Views

SEC adopts watered-down climate disclosure rule: a ‘mixed bag for investors’

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has voted to adopt a watered-down version of its climate disclosure rule but dropped reporting requirements, the move was welcomed by investors who said more needs to be done

News & Views

Strategic overhaul at the People’s Pension: £15bn invested in climate tilted stocks

The People’s Pension, one of the UK’s largest private workplace pension providers has introduced an overhaul of its investment strategy, with more than half of its assets to be invested in climate aware equity strategies

News & Views

Canada’s public pension funds are moving too slowly to address the climate crisis

Canada's largest pension fund still have catching up to do when it comes to tackling the climate crisis argues Patrick de Rochie, senior manager at Shift Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Health

News & Views

CA100+ exits: asset owners double down on stewardship alignment

While some of the world’s largest managers have publicly retreated from CA100+, asset owners reiterate their commitment to tackling climate change and stress the importance of stewardship alignment with managers

News & Views

Climate Action 100+ exits- a crisis of stewardship?

Climate Action 100+ exits and the Exxon case against shareholders raise the question: can asset owners still exercise influence over climate transition planning at oil and gas firms?

News & Views

NY Common Retirement Fund cuts fossil fuel holdings

The New York State Common Retirement Fund has announced divestments in eight oil and gas companies whilst doubling its investments in climate solutions

News & Views

Is now the time to reconsider your passive exposure to fossil fuels?

Despite a short-term profit boost, fossil fuel stocks have dragged down global equity indices, as the energy transition picks up pace, their outlook is even gloomier

News & Views

Exxon investors warn of dilution of shareholder rights

Norges Bank Investment Management, a significant investor in US oil giant Exxon has raised concerns about the dilution of shareholder rights following Exxon’s decision to take two investors to court

News & Views

Not all roads lead to Paris: PFZW on navigating climate risks and engagement strategies

Colin Tissen, advisor responsible investment at PGGM, the asset manager for Dutch pension fund PFZW explains why the fund has opted to drastically cut its investments in fossil fuels

News & Views

Why we should abandon climate engagement with oil and gas firms

Joel Moreland, principal consultant Social and Environmental Finance argues that there is little benefit in engaging with oil and gas firms on climate targets

News & Views

Shareholder victory: Barclays to cease funding new fossil fuel projects

Barclays, one of the five largest banks in Europe has confirmed today that it will no longer fund new oil and gas projects, a move that was welcomed by activist shareholders

News & Views

Dutch pension fund divests €2.8bn from Shell, BP and other fossil fuel firms

PFZW, the €237.8bn pension fund for workers in the Dutch healthcare and welfare sector has confirmed that it has now sold off the bulk of its fossil fuel holdings, including positions in Shell, BP and Total Energies

News & Views

Climate risks ‘financially material’ to fiduciary duty Law Committee tells trustees

Climate change is a financially material factor which trustees should consider as part of their fiduciary duty, a UK committee advising investors on financial law has argued

News & Views

Climate transition funds defy private equity fundraising slump

While private equity has had a challenging year as fundraising slumped to a six-year low, funds banking on the energy transition appear to beat the odds

News & Views

NZI DC Forum in pictures

Delegates representing some of the UK's largest master trusts took place in the one day event to discuss how defined contribution funds can tackle climate change in their portfolios

News & Views

NZI DC Forum: funding the transition

Net Zero Investor’s second Defined Contribution (DC) Forum drew a broad array of investors to the London Stock Exchange to discuss how DC funds are adapting their portfolios to the energy transition

News & Views

Morningstar’s Bioy: “Investors increasingly understand the need to finance transition companies”

Hortense Bioy, global director of Sustainability Research at Morningstar sat down with NZI editor Mona Dohle to examine why investors are turning from low carbon to energy transition funds and if the US elections could become a stumbling block on the road to net zero

News & Views

The energy transition doesn’t require a surge in capex but a reallocation

The energy transition is often presented as extremely costly but Kingsmill Bond and Sam Butler-Sloss at the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) argue that this is not necessarily true

News & Views

How to attract more DC investment in productive finance and the energy transition

Paul Tinslay, a professional trustee at Dalriada examines steps the UK government could take to attract more DC investment in the energy transition

News & Views

Exxon’s case against activist shareholders highlights new stewardship challenges

Oil giant Exxon Mobil is taking its shareholders to court over their climate activist resolution for this year’s AGM. What are the implications for climate stewardship?

News & Views

Wiltshire’s Jennifer Devine: Why we will divest from fossil fuels

Jennifer Devine, head of the Wiltshire Pension Fund, a £3bn UK local authority pension fund explains why her team made the decision to sell all oil and gas firms by 2030

News & Views

Follow This ditches 2030 deadline ahead of Shell AGM

Campaign group Follow This has revealed that its resolution for the 2024 Shell AGM will abandon a hard date for interim targets and focus on the broader adoption of Scope 3 reporting

News & Views

COP28’s ‘action agenda’ signposts five key areas of long-term investment opportunity

Imraan Mohammed, Climate Opportunities portfolio manager at Border to Coast examines why the COP28 pledges could offer significant tailwinds for the energy transition

News & Views

Swedish pension giant in the firing line over Saudi Aramco holding

Swedish pension fund AP7, which manages around $87.6bn in assets, has come under criticism from environmental campaigners over its investments in Saudi Aramco

News & Views

Why we urgently need to reform investor compensation rules to ‘transition away’ from fossil fuels

Anatole Boute, professor at the Chinese University Hong Kong specialising in Energy Law argues that current investor compensation rules do not yet accurately value the cost of the energy transition

News & Views

Brightwell’s Wyn Francis: ‘the transition is on the verge of accelerating’

As part of our new podcast series, NZI with Mona, Net Zero Investor sat down with Brightwell CIO Wyn Francis to discuss the challenges of decarbonising a fixed-income heavy portfolio.

News & Views

Jason Fletcher on climate investment: aligning government policy with investor aspirations

Jason Fletcher, former CIO at London CIV examines how the next UK government could scale up investment in the energy transition

News & Views

How are the UK’s master trusts tackling the net zero challenge?

The UK's rapidly growing master trust market could become a key player in the transition towards a net zero economy

News & Views

New FCA sustainability rules won’t deliver accountability for climate harm

Mick McAteer co-director at the Financial Inclusion Centre and former FCA board member argues that the UK watchdog's sustainability disclosure and investment label regime will not be enough to hold investors accountable for climate harm

News & Views

Dirty debt: rising yields put spotlight on carbon footprint of bond portfolios

Rising interest rates have led to increased institutional allocations in fixed income assets but this also raises concerns about decarbonisation strategies for bond portfolios

News & Views

UK asset owners join London CIV’s call for wider adoption of pass-through voting

A coalition of investors representing over £250 billion in assets has teamed up with LGPS pool London CIV to call for a wider adoption of pass-through voting by asset managers

News & Views

In pictures: highlights from Net Zero Investor’s Annual Conference

Net Zero Investors Annual Conference took place at the London Stock Exchange this week, attracting senior investors to discuss the future of net zero investing

News & Views

Row over fossil fuel language – COP28 ‘on the verge of failure’

Leaked policy documents from COP28 reveal that fossil fuel pledges have been watered to 'phaseout' rather than 'phasedown', why does the row over a word matter to investors?

News & Views

NZI Annual Conference: a turning point for the energy transition

Net Zero Investor’s second Annual Conference at the London Stock Exchange in London demonstrated a strong sense that the global energy transition has now hit a crucial turning point

News & Views

Transition planning takes centre stage at COP28

In the wake of Finance Day at COP28, investor coalitions on climate change took the opportunity to outline their guidelines on transition planning

News & Views

COP28 day one: the key talking points

With COP28 kicking off in Dubai, Net Zero Investor took a closer look at the key investment and finance themes on the agenda

News & Views

COP 28 trade deal scandal highlights presidency’s conflict of interest

Leaked documents suggest that COP president Sultan Al Jaber used his role to strike new oil and gas deals but also attempts to gain influence in renewables markets

News & Views

Tony Juniper: “The human economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of nature”

Net Zero Investor sat down with Tony Juniper, chair of Natural England to discuss the long-term case for nature positive investments

News & Views

UK’s Autumn Statement: five net zero talking points

The UK government is betting on investment incentives rather than stimulus to attract net zero investment. We took a look at five key talking points for green investors in this year's Autumn Statement

News & Views

Chandra Gopinathan on bondholder stewardship: ‘We have to create new accountability mechanisms’

With bonds making a comeback, Net Zero Investor spoke to Railpen's Chandra Gopinathan about his efforts to create greater accountability on climate targets for bond issuers

News & Views

COP28: could investors be hit by a sudden phaseout of fossil fuel subsidies?

Ahead of COP28, Net Zero Investor takes a closer look at the distribution of subsidies across the globe. To reach global climate change targets a scale back of subsidies is essential. But could this impact the investment case for these assets?

News & Views

CalPERS doubles climate solutions: ‘The first objective is to create outperformance’

CalPERS, the largest public pension fund in the US is planning a significant overhaul of its climate strategy, including doubling its investments in climate solutions by the end of the decade

News & Views

Higher rates pose challenge for renewables

As developers pull out of wind projects in the US and UK, how can investors in renewables protect themselves in an increasingly challenging environment?

News & Views

UK investors debate how to fund the energy transition amid a cost-of-living crisis

Investors are divided on how to tackle the UK’s energy transition, and the role of policy makers in leading the net zero agenda

News & Views

PLSA: will the UK’s push to invest in private markets lead to more investments in renewables?

The British government has targeted the defined contribution sector and the LGPS as key potential investors to fund the country’s energy transition, but the move is facing challenges

News & Views

The rise of split voting– is the onus now on asset owners?

Does the growth of split voting options mean that the onus for climate stewardship is now on asset owners?

News & Views

Stranded assets: The trillion-dollar decommissioning challenge

The cost of decommissioning stranded assets could be as high as $8 trillion across conventional and renewable energy sources, new research suggests

News & Views

Wandsworth Pension fund director: ‘Net zero investment can’t be one size fits all’

Paul Guilliotti, assistant director Financial Services at Richmond and Wandsworth Councils in the UK tells Net Zero Investor about Wandsworth's infrastructure investments

News & Views

NZAOA calls on policy makers to remove net zero barriers: ‘we know this can be done’

Olga Hancock and Matt Holmes of the NZAOA argue it is vital investment barriers are eliminated in order to boost net zero implementation

News & Views

Smart Pension CIO on investing £550m in split voting and branching out to climate solutions

Net Zero Investor caught up with Paul Bucksey, CIO of the £4bn UK master trust Smart Pension, as the fund announces a seed investment to enable split voting

News & Views

UK’s net zero u-turn raises challenges for transition assets

With the UK government set to backtrack on its net zero ambitions, have investments in the UK energy transition just become less attractive?

News & Views

PGGM: ‘Effective stewardship is vital for net zero commitments’

Geraldine Leegwater, Chief Investment Management at PGGM and her colleague Colin Tissen, advisor Responsible Investment argue that asset managers should step up their came on climate stewardship

icon roundtable

PRI’s Nathan Fabian on transition pain points and rethinking investor alliances

Net Zero Investor sat down with Nathan Fabian to find out why he thinks net zero networks need to change their strategy

News & Views

California’s new climate bill sets precedent for US carbon reporting

The Californian State Legislature has pushed ahead of the Securities and Exchange Commission by passing a bill that forces big companies to disclose their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

News & Views

BERS’ investment lead: ‘climate change is an un-diversifiable risk’

Antonio Rodriguez leads the investment office about NYC BERS. He sat down with Net Zero Investor to discuss divestment, diversification and the anti-ESG pushback

News & Views

Stalemate on G20 climate talks as fossil fuel subsidies surge

G20 leaders fail to agree on climate pledges - could this be an obstacle to investments in renewables?

News & Views

Tegs Harding: it’s time to shift perspectives on engagement

Tegs Harding, trustee director and head of sustainability at IGG, argues that corporate backtracking on climate change means investors need to change their approach

News & Views

NZI Roundtable: greening DC default funds

The UK’s rapidly growing defined contribution market could play a key role in the country’s transition to net zero. NZI caught up with four DC investors to discuss climate strategies for DC default funds

News & Views

One year on: are US investors banking on the Inflation Reduction Act?

Biden's Inflation Reduction Act has sparked an investment boom in renewable energy in the US. So, one year on, are asset owners capitalising on the opportunity?

News & Views

Surrey Pension Fund: “There’s a balance of power shift on net zero”

Net Zero Investor sat down with Lloyd Whitworth, head of Investment and Stewardship and Neil Mason, assistant director for the Surrey Pension Fund to discuss their new net zero target

News & Views

‘The wrong signal’: investors respond to the UK’s fossil fuel push

The UK government has announced plans to back the further expansion of fossil fuel industries. What does this mean for investors in renewable energy?

icon roundtable

UK Stewardship stocktake: Engagement in emerging markets

UK investors exchange ideas and experience on stewardship in emerging markets

News & Views

Merciless exodus: what do NZIA’s departures mean for decarbonising insurance liabilities?

Insurers have been leaving the Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance (NZIA) in droves. This raises concerns over the carbon footprint of their liabilities

News & Views

London CIV’s responsible investment head sees ‘a disconnect between asset owners and managers’

Jacqueline Jackson, head of responsible investment at LGPS Pool London CIV, speaks to NZI about differences between asset owners and managers when it comes to stewardship

News & Views

Something synthetic: Why Avon picked BlackRock for its climate equities strategy

Avon Pension Fund surprised last week with an announcement that it has invested some £700m with BlackRock’s Paris-aligned equity solution

News & Views

Bold ambition: Phoenix sets itself on a path to decarbonise £310bn in assets

UK insurance giant Phoenix has launched its Net Zero Transition Plan, illustrating the challenges for Solvency II regulated businesses to reduce their carbon footprint

News & Views

Shell’s scope 3 emissions face scrutiny in fractious AGM

Shell's 2023 AGM drew focus on the oil giant's energy transition strategy but shareholders rejected a resolution demanding clearer commitments for Scope 3 emission targets.

News & Views

Stewardship and engagement: the passive funds conundrum

The three biggest shareholders in oil and gas firms are passive fund managers. What does this mean for stewardship on climate change?

News & Views

Shell’s upcoming AGM showcases the challenges for shareholder activism

Activist asset owners are gearing up to oppose the reappointment of Shell’s chair and challenge over shortcomings in the oil giant’s climate targets