• Atmospheric CO2 /Parts per Million /Annual Averages /Data Source: noaa.gov

  • 1980338.91ppm

  • 1981340.11ppm

  • 1982340.86ppm

  • 1983342.53ppm

  • 1984344.07ppm

  • 1985345.54ppm

  • 1986346.97ppm

  • 1987348.68ppm

  • 1988351.16ppm

  • 1989352.78ppm

  • 1990354.05ppm

  • 1991355.39ppm

  • 1992356.1ppm

  • 1993356.83ppm

  • 1994358.33ppm

  • 1995360.18ppm

  • 1996361.93ppm

  • 1997363.04ppm

  • 1998365.7ppm

  • 1999367.8ppm

  • 2000368.97ppm

  • 2001370.57ppm

  • 2002372.59ppm

  • 2003375.14ppm

  • 2004376.96ppm

  • 2005378.97ppm

  • 2006381.13ppm

  • 2007382.9ppm

  • 2008385.01ppm

  • 2009386.5ppm

  • 2010388.76ppm

  • 2011390.63ppm

  • 2012392.65ppm

  • 2013395.39ppm

  • 2014397.34ppm

  • 2015399.65ppm

  • 2016403.09ppm

  • 2017405.22ppm

  • 2018407.62ppm

  • 2019410.07ppm

  • 2020412.44ppm

  • 2021414.72ppm

  • 2022418.56ppm

  • 2023421.08ppm

Atharva Deshmukh

News & Views

Rio Tinto: what does it take for engagement to succeed?

Recent developments at Rio Tinto and J-Power offers some clues for successful stewardship strategies

News & Views

Climate lobbying: an emerging proxy battleground

Corporate lobbying against climate policies has become a key agenda item this AGM season, with nearly half of all PACCAR investors demanding more transparency

News & Views

Does Norway’s sovereign wealth fund have a coal secret?

New research from the Nordic Center for Sustainable Finance says the fund has $18 bn invested in coal

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SEC no action requests: ordinary business or business as usual?

How has corporate reasoning to avoid climate resolutions at US AGM's evolved?

News & Views

Shareholders reject Woodside Energy’s transition strategy

At the company’s AGM, 58% of shareholders opposed the company’s transition plan

News & Views

No-action requests 2024: the climate resolutions companies don’t want to discuss

2024 saw a surge of corporate no-action requests to prevent resolutions from being heard, Atharva Deshmukh examines how the reasoning behind them has evolved

News & Views

The silent race to finance Asia’s transition

The Asian market represents a lucrative opportunity for investments in the energy transition, new research highlights a silent race to gain exposure to the growing net zero economy

News & Views

Australia could become a major clean energy exporter: will super funds finance the dream?

At the ACSI 2024 Annual Conference, asset owners discussed their role in redefining Australia’s economic identity

News & Views

How ‘ordinary’ is the business of climate change?

For climate-related shareholder resolutions to work, they must first pass the ordinary business test

News & Views

EU fails to adopt CSDDD

EU member states fail to support the CSDDD after nearly two years of negotiations

News & Views

Are Australian super funds aligned with Canberra’s 2030 emissions target?

Australia’s asset owners are looking to ‘super’ charge the country’s transition but some are making more progress than others

News & Views

Australia’s tango with mandatory climate disclosures enters its final stage

In 2024, Australia will introduce its first mandatory disclosure regime for companies and asset owners

News & Views

Private equity: a double edged sword?

A decade of cheap credit and relatively relaxed oversight has propelled the rise of private equity-backed investments into upstream oil and gas

News & Views

Changing of the guard: investment implications of elections in India and Indonesia

Two of the world’s largest coal producers are headed for elections- the future of their climate policy is on the line

News & Views

How climate-driven are stock exchanges in emerging markets?

With equities being the asset class of choice for climate-driven investment in emerging markets, stock exchanges have a vital role to play in facilitating the energy transition

News & Views

World on track to miss COP28 2030 renewables target

Renewable energy capacity needs to expand by a factor of three by 2030 but current policies might only take us to 2.5 research shows

News & Views

Asia’s asset owners are ready to invest in the energy transition, pending a policy signal

Asia is the most critical piece of the global net zero puzzle but policy headwinds deter investments in the energy transition

News & Views

COP 28: climbing up the tech-financing ladder

Climate technology - an exciting but risky piece of the 1.5°C puzzle- needs capital. Should institutional players step in?

News & Views

Road to 2030: investor confidence and short-term renewables targets

Renewable energy’s financial viability depends on its political one. For investors, 2030 renewable energy targets - politically crafted and commercially executed - matter more than ever

News & Views

COP28: Beijing and Washington’s arms race on renewables

The economic rivalry between Washington and Beijing will shape the next decade of renewable energy, Net Zero Investor takes a closer look at the key elements of their stimulus programmes

News & Views

COP 28: fossil fuel subsidies - will history repeat itself?

COP 28 will revive an old debate about subsidies, it is a vital signal to read

News & Views

The EU is chasing net zero autonomy, but at what cost?

A new amendment to the EU’s net zero industry act has expanded the list of strategic technologies to include nuclear and fusion technology, increasing the range of risks it is willing to take on

News & Views

The elusive quest for fossil fuel peaks: inside the World Energy Outlook 2023

What should asset owners take away from the IEA’s flagship report?

News & Views

The methane menace: low-hanging fruit or stalled progress?

Reducing methane emissions is both cheap and technologically feasible. Yet, the current trajectory is off-track

News & Views

Managing the manager: Spirit Super’s path to emissions reduction

Revising asset management mandates is becoming an increasingly vital part of transition planning.

News & Views

Akademiker Pension’s Eni divestment: when all else fails

Akademiker's decision to divest from an Italian fossil fuel giant puts the spotlight on a grey area of active ownership – escalation

News & Views

Now boarding: net zero aviation

Is hydrogen-fuelled sustainable aviation ready for patient capital?

News & Views

The allure of the unlisted: should active owners have faith in private equity?

A decade-long boom in private equity asset allocation has left a mist of investor optimism.

News & Views

CA100+ pledges enter phase two: are companies on track to hit their 2030 targets?

Setting climate targets won’t impress investors anymore. Staying on course to deliver, will. Data suggests most companies might miss the mark

News & Views

CDP: water security is a $2.3 trillion opportunity

Five years of corporate disclosures suggest the commercial viability of water security is hard to ignore.

News & Views

IGCC Summit: investors down under discuss the art of adaptation

The Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) annual summit put the spotlight on financing adaptation

News & Views

IGCC Summit Day 1: Spotlight on policy, capital allocation and engagement

At the IGCC Summit in Sydney, asset owners are digging deep on decarbonisation down under.

News & Views

IGCC’s Climate Change and Investment Summit: what to expect this week?

Asset owners kicked off the Investor Group on Climate Change's annual summit in Sydney earlier today. What to expect this week?

News & Views

Why asset owners should have a seat at the IEA’s Critical Minerals Summit

At the world’s first high-level summit on critical minerals, the voice of capital warrants an audience

News & Views

Expecting More: Investor Agenda revises its climate action plans

Will engagement tactics change after the 2023 proxy season? New information on investor expectations offers clues

News & Views

Room to Play: How stock market listing impacts Asia’s largest emitters

Climate laggards in Asia tend to have free float of less than 50%, does this affect their climate ambition?

News & Views

Right or wrong: the ethical side of net zero asset ownership

A divestment decision by Norges Bank Investment Management begs the question: do investors have any ethical obligations towards our planet?

News & Views

IIGCC Guidance on Bond Stewardship: Fighting for progress in fixed income

With the IIGCC publishing an updated guidance on bond stewardship Net Zero Investor shines a spotlight on the latest trends for bond stewardship.

News & Views

Nerves of Steel: How leveraging demand could decarbonise the industry

IIGCC’s new vision to decarbonise the steel industry puts the spotlight on the purchasers

News & Views

Ultimate control: the state as a powerful asset owner

In some parts of the world, predominantly Asia, the state has emerged as the most powerful asset owner. How does this shape decarbonisation efforts?

News & Views

Financing efficiency: In pursuit of IEA’s ambitious climate vision

The world of climate regulation now has its own 'Treaty of Versailles' and it's all about efficiency

News & Views

Engagement hotspots: the unusual climate suspects

Climate-related shareholder resolutions have flowed downstream this proxy season, into sectors such as finance, food and beverage, healthcare and technology. Why?

News & Views

No-action requests: the SEC’s careful balancing act

Thus far, the SEC has primarily protected shareholder interests, making it harder for companies to avoid climate-related proposals

News & Views

SEC ‘no action’ requests: the justifications

How do companies justify avoiding a climate-related shareholder proposal?

News & Views

SEC ‘no-action’ requests: The issues companies don’t want to discuss

In this 3-part series, Net Zero Investor takes a deep dive into so-called 'no action requests' submitted to the SEC, which disclose a hidden side of engagement

News & Views

Can net zero superfunds expand their emerging markets footprint?

According to the Australia-based Investor Group on Climate Change, the answer is unequivocally yes

News & Views

Proxy season with a twist: The rise of the activist shareholder

This year’s proxy season has pushed a new set of actors to the forefront as environmental advocacy groups are making their presence felt at AGMs

News & Views

No to net zero: Climate motions in America’s banking space seem doomed to fail

At some of America's biggest banks, shareholders continue a trend of voting against climate-related resolutions this proxy season

News & Views

When corporates go all anti-net zero: The art of defence

A growing number of companies are pushing back against climate and net zero resolutions. How do they defend their positions?

News & Views

The pressure is on: More and more investors demand transparency on climate lobbying

A growing number of corporates are facing investor scrutiny when it comes to their climate policy engagement efforts

News & Views

Net zero push by Australia’s heaviest emitters gets warm response down under

A collective statement signed by Australia's industrial and financial sector companies signals cautious optimism down under

News & Views

Climate motions do not stand a chance in Canada’s banking space

Canada's 'Big Five' lenders are under pressure over financing fossil fuel projects. At their AGMs, however, shareholders dismissed all climate-related resolutions

News & Views

Proxy Preview: who and what to look out for this season

A range of shareholder resolutions filed by investors at some of the world’s largest companies expose relatively new concerns

News & Views

All eyes on brown spinning: do banks have a net zero duty to act?

A shareholder resolution at RBC is taking aim tomorrow at 'brown spinning', reflecting investor concerns over carbon-intensive assets

News & Views

All hands on deck: Inside ETC’s bold plan to scale net zero finance

Achieving scale in climate financing as envisaged by the ETC hinges on targeted interventions and concessional lending


Woodside board pushes back against activist shareholders

The energy giant's reluctance to address gaps in its transition plan is attracting serious investor scrutiny

News & Views

India’s ESG disclosure regime under scrutiny as investors demand alignment

The sub-continent's disclosure framework has reached a critical point as investors lose confidence

News & Views

Analysis: Emissions in 2022 were lower than feared but higher than ever

NZI takes a deep dive into the International Energy Agency’s 2022 carbon emissions report

News & Views

IGCC Investor Survey: progress made, acceleration needed

There is an increasing appetite for engagement and “whole-of-portfolio” approaches to decarbonisation

News & Views

More and more investors demand disclosures from private markets

Private markets increasingly account for a significant portion of GHG emissions. Investors seem to support their inclusion in mandatory climate disclosure regimes

News & Views

NZI Special: The European Investment Bank’s Climate Finance Footprint

New data shows the bank’s climate-related PPP lending is spreading across the globe. NZI scrutinises the details

News & Views

Singapore set to publish green taxonomy

Singapore’s Green Finance Industry Taskforce has launched the final consultation on a green taxonomy that will have wide-ranging impact on climate finance across Asia.

News & Views

Will 2023 be the year of corporate greenhushing?

If 2022 was the year of waging war against greenwashing, then 2023 could be when we see the unintended consequences – with greenhushing starting to grow.

News & Views

A global call to green arms

There is no end in sight to the ‘arms race’ on green subsidies that has been sparked by the passage of the US Inflation Reduction Act.

News & Views

Financing the $30bn adaptation gap

A report from Standard Chartered makes the case for investors to deploy capital in climate adaptation, an investment theme that currently accounts for just 0.4% of surveyed portfolios.

News & Views

Bringing the retail investor into engagement

Pushing retail investors into the historical territory of institutional capital could transform the relationship between boards and shareholders.

News & Views

Norway’s sustainable taxonomy: the tool investors have been missing?

The country’s policy reform is a reminder of why definitions matter in sustainable finance and why it is crucial to know what constitutes ‘green’ capital.

News & Views

SGX: sorting the green from the greenwashed

The Singapore Stock Exchange has launched an initiative to identify fixed-income securities that are sustainable and not promoted using exaggerated claims.

News & Views

IEA calls for rapid development of carbon storage

Capturing carbon is a job half-done – it’s deploying safe and cost-effective storage solutions that is the real challenge.

News & Views

The art of climate resolutions

As the number of shareholder climate resolutions reaches record levels, Atharva Deshmukh discusses how they can be used as part of an effective engagement strategy.

News & Views

Mike Cannon-Brookes: the billionaire shaking things up at AGL Energy

The software mogul-turned climate activist has won a battle to refresh the board of Australia’s largest emitter and is unlikely to stop there.

News & Views

Beyond net zero: the goal of climate positivity

As a new investor alliance targets climate positivity, Atharva Deshmukh examines this concept and discusses what will be required to achieve it.

News & Views

‘Time is running out’: lessons from MSCI’s Net-Zero Tracker

MSCI’s Sylvain Vanston discusses findings from the index provider’s latest Net-Zero Tracker, a quarterly publication that evaluates the state of corporate climate targets.

News & Views

Never let a crisis go to waste: inside the WEO 2022

Net Zero Investor’s head of research delves into the World Energy Outlook 2022, a report documenting how today’s energy crisis could change the trajectory of the transition.

News & Views

Asia: the net-zero battleground

When it comes to achieving global progress on climate goals, investors should look to the East.

News & Views

Carbon Tracker: companies ‘still flying blind’ on net-zero

Carbon-intensive companies appear to have made little progress in disclosing the effects of net-zero targets in their financial statements.

News & Views

Voluntary carbon markets: the what, why and how

With the London Stock Exchange on track to launch a carbon market, Atharva Deshmukh examines why this approach is becoming popular and highlights the issues and challenges.

News & Views

Engagement vs divestment: should investors walk away?

Investors are increasingly adopting an engagement approach when dealing with high emitters, but the ‘bazooka’ of divestment could still have its place, argues Atharva Deshmukh.

News & Views

Lenders extend €1bn for Southern Europe renewable energy project

First-of-its-kind construction facility involves one of the EIB’s largest ever loans.

News & Views

Jackson Hole 2022: in search of the elusive green central banker

As the 45th Jackson Hole symposium draws to a close, Atharva Deshmukh argues that central bankers need to pay as much attention to climate change as they currently do to inflation.